A Day
Spatial installation, Dimensions variable
空間裝置, 尺寸依場地而定

A Day-The First Door
The first door of "A Day,"only opens on Sundays. The space within is divided into two halves; the viewer faces an actor (dressed as a museum attendant or volunteer worker) sitting half visible behind a transparent acrylic sheet and half behind a wall. A table by the actor bears a standing name plate that says "museum guide." The viewer's desk and the actor's desk across the room both have telephones; when a viewer picks up the phone, the actor uses the other phone and provides a guide to the work "Someday." This is the only door open on that day, and the only clues by which viewers can imagine works behind any other doors are the explanations/stories provided by their guide. Unable to see "what the work actually is," the fact that they learn about the work through dialogue with the guide adds to the sense of the work as an "event," and in fact this conversation becomes the actual form in which the work is experienced by the viewer.