Video projection installation /Acrylic on magazine pages, Magazine with frame:35 x 27 x 1.2 cm / Metal Stand:25 x 25 x 126 cm
錄像投影裝置/壓克力顏料繪於雜誌, 雜誌含框:35 x 27 x 1.2 cm / 金屬架:25 x 25 x 126 cm

Shenzhen is a very interesting place. When I haven’t had a chance to come to this place, I’ve already known that it's a highly progressing city; it seems to symbolize a system that’s progressing in a very high speed. When I was invited to participate in this exhibition, I happened to have an old promotional magazine of an oil drilling system, a stage where the development was celebrated. I try to make a video of something that seems like exhaust or clouds and project it on the magazine with some areas painted. We as human beings still don’t know about the end of the progress we are making, and I try to make a moment of mystery that questions our imagination.