These things that drift away
spatial installation, dimensions variable
空間裝置, 尺寸依場地而定

Music design by Snow HUANG

Yo-Chang Art Museum 2F

Waiting for someone/something is a fascinating thing: it creates a special chapter in our lives and becomes a part of our memories. When I wait for someone/something, I feel like that I am riding a boat ride in the sea; when a piece of memory emerges in front of me, the memory is for me to keep. However, when it disappears, all I have left is nothingness.Normally, people wait for a reason. For example, the arrival of the next journey, their loved ones, or a newborn baby…. I attempted to transform the waiting processes that we regularly encounter in our lives into a spatial installation, in which space is repeated and distorted to refresh people’s bodies’ memories, allowing new “distances” and different spatial relationships to bring out the anxiety that they fail to perceive in their personal experiences.